This post is part of an informational series about ABLE accounts, which are available in Massachusetts as a result of the passage of the Autism Omnibus Act, in which MAC played a leading advocacy role. The content in this series is provided by Fidelity Investments via a collaboration between MAC and Fidelity.*

Attainable Savings Plan® – Resources to learn more

Fidelity offers a variety of resources to learn more about the Attainable Savings Plan® and how it can help benefit individuals and families affected by disabilities. Fidelity’s new Viewpoints article, How special needs families can save, showcases examples of how families can use the Plan to help navigate the eligible individual’s needs and plan for his or her future. Additional information about how to open and manage an Attainable account can be found online at Fidelity.com/attainable, or by calling Attainable Savings Plan Specialists at: 844-458-2253 (TTY/TTD: 800-544-0118).