A catalyst for change.

The Boston School Reform (BSR) Project at MAC began as the Mobilization for Equity Project in the mid-1990s and works to promote excellence, equity, access, and achievement for all children in Boston Public Schools.

The Boston School Reform Project’s overarching goal is to increase access to opportunity and eliminate racial and programmatic achievement gaps so that all children in the Boston Public Schools can succeed, regardless of race, class, or neighborhood. We advocate for systemic policy reforms that lead to improve educational outcomes for students. Equally important is our deep commitment to engaging parent, student, and community voice in processes that impact whether and how they access quality education. A major objective is to encourage participation of stakeholders most affected by policies, support their leadership in school decision making, and help them shape systemic reform. Our priorities are informed by our direct work with parent, student, and community groups, as well as the broader context of education policy issues.

Too often, the voices of people of color, especially poor people, are neither heard nor valued. The Boston School Reform Team works to ensure that parents and youth have the information and support that they need to be effective advocates for their communities. Our strategies include parent and youth leadership development, direct advocacy with BPS and city officials, and technical assistance to community organizations including public information through data and policy analyses to parent, youth, church, and other groups, and relationships with the media.