Kylie Webster-Cazeau & Meggie Noel -- Boston Globe photo by Keith Bedford

Pictured above: Kylie Webster-Cazeau & Meggie Noel:  Boston Globe photo by Keith Bedford

Congratulations to Meggie Noel and Kylie Webster-Cazeau, for having the courage to speak out about injustice at tha Boston Latin School. This year, MAC rallied around them, along with other civil rights partners, to help amplify their voices and address the discrimination and harassment  they were experiencing.   Meggie and Kylie  spoke up because they knew what they were experiencing was wrong, and their courage resulted in change and a dialogue that is ongoing.  These two young activists have gone to college, but our Boston School Reform Project, led by Kim Janey, remains committed to continuing to advocate with school leaders to advance the elimination of opportunity and achievement gaps in the Boston Public Schools.

Click to read about them here: in the Boston Globe Magazine.