09 May, 2017

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Photo credit: Tony Irving

Thank you to all who attended the 2017 Meeting of the Minds forum!

Thank you for attending MAC Friends of the Autism Center’s second annual Meeting of the Minds Forum, along with fellow leaders in autism, advocacy and technology. It was exciting to see science and tech innovators connecting and sharing ideas with parents, providers, self-advocates, policy-makers, and others. By joining together, you are creating a community that is passionate about expanding opportunities for children and young adults with autism.    We learned fascinating insights about the brain and habit formation from Dr. Graybiel, and your questions helped start a conversation about the applicability of the science to your work and areas of interest. Dr. Graybiel’s enthusiasm and passion for her research lit up the MetterBoard with tweets that many of you shared, so much so that our official event hashtag #MofM17 was “trending!” Check it out here.   Because of your participation and with your support, more children and young adults with autism can receive the support they need to achieve their potential. We thank Microsoft for hosting and the NLM Family Foundation for co-organizing this event.


Check our Facebook page for video clips and photos by our guests and our photographer, Tony Irving.

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