This post is part of an informational series about ABLE accounts, which are available in Massachusetts as a result of the passage of the Autism Omnibus Act, in which MAC played a leading advocacy role. The content in this series is provided by Fidelity Investments via a collaboration between MAC and Fidelity.*

Invest For a Better Financial Future

The Attainable Savings PlanSM offered by MEFA and managed by Fidelity helps Americans with disabilities begin saving and investing the tax-smart way. While some people prefer to use their account as an investment vehicle to help grow their savings, others use it to manage their monthly and day-to-day living expenses. Whether you’re looking to invest your savings or spend from your account regularly, you can choose from a range of professionally managed portfolios that best match your investment objectives, and risk tolerance. Choose the level you’re comfortable with, from conservative to aggressive growth. Any earnings in the account grow tax deferred and, when used for qualified disability expenses, are federal income tax-free. Learn more at Fidelity.com/Attainable.

Find out how an ABLE account could make saving simple at www.Fidelity.com/Attainable.