MAC Statement in the wake of recent events

“MAC has always been guided by the powerful idea that through the voice of a child, the heart of a parent, a caring community, and the pursuit of effective laws, we’ll have a day when all children, regardless of their race, ethnicity, language or their special needs, will have an opportunity to succeed.”

– Hubie Jones, MAC’s founder

Dear Friends,

These past few weeks, we have witnessed both the violence that stems from hate and the inspiration that comes from peaceful civic engagement and commitment to inclusion and diversity.

The rising tide of hateful rhetoric and bigotry that spurred violence in Charlottesville strikes at the core of our values at the Massachusetts Advocates for Children, and only serves to strengthen our resolve to remain a voice for children who are at risk of being excluded from educational and life opportunities.  We have always believed all children deserve to be safe, to be treated with respect, and to have the opportunity to achieve their potential.

We are inspired by the actions of Massachusetts citizens who stood up for justice and marched on Saturday to keep respect and opportunity moving forward and away from hate.  We know that continuing to stand up for what we believe in is necessary and can never stop.  Advocacy for children is not a fashion, it is a lifetime commitment and, in Hubie’s words, “a sacred obligation.”

Thank you for staying engaged and being part of our MAC family.

Massachusetts Advocates for Children