Crafted by Hubie, mastered by MAC.

MAC employs a unique multi-strategic approach to advocacy, first pioneered by our founder Hubie Jones. Our approach gets results, and changes the conditions that limit children’s opportunities. Our strategies include building coalitions, helping empower parents and community leaders, providing technical assistance and training, conducting case advocacy, advocating at the administrative and legislative levels, writing reports and, when necessary, litigating. MAC acts to hold public institutions accountable and prioritizes systems change in order to have the greatest impact affecting the most children. But through its intake, case advocacy and trainings, MAC also works to assure that the needs of individual children are met.

MAC Listens

A voice for children. We start at the ground level. We carefully review nearly 1,000 helpline calls per year, provide individual case advocacy, and meet with key stakeholders to understand the barriers that children face in education.

MAC Acts

Actions speak louder. After MAC has determined priorities for systemic advocacy, we work tirelessly to organize our parent and professional networks. With their help, we advocate for reform that improves educational opportunities for children.

MAC Follows Through

Our work is never done. MAC’s persistence ensures that laws are followed and that children’s rights are protected. Our multi-strategic approach to advocacy changes conditions for many children, while also helping one child at a time.


MAC’s greatest strength as a highly effective advocacy organization is its multi-strategic approach. Not only do we use each of the strategies listed above in the first paragraph, but we use them in combination.

For example, our intake and advocacy for individual families provides the foundation of our legislative and administrative advocacy, as well as our decisions to choose a litigation response. Coalition-building and community collaborations enable us to be more effective when we advocate with legislators and school officials. And policy analysis and research are not done in isolation, but in the context of the development of strategies to provide remedies to the problems and issues that have been uncovered.

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Commitment to Diversity

Through our Affirmative Action plan (available upon request), MAC’s board of directors has articulated the organizational commitment to diversity in hiring, board membership and constituent service. One of the priorities in our strategic plan is to improve our capacity to serve new immigrant and non-English speaking communities. MAC also values in its commitment to diversity the strengths and unique perspective brought by parents of children with disabilities or children who are struggling in school.