A Special Education Program for Latino Families

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Proyecto Acceso a la Educación Especial

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Children with autism and other disabilities need special services at school so they can succeed. Parents of children with autism and other disabilities can have a hard time getting help for their children. Differences in language and culture can make it even harder for parents to get the services their children need.

Special education laws protect the rights of children with disabilities. Project Acceso a la Educación Especial helps Latino parents understand those laws. Knowing about the laws can help you advocate for your child.

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  • We can help parents through our free helpline. We help with concerns about special education, school discipline, and bullying. The number is 617.357.8431 ext.3237 or click here.
  • In some cases, parents who are low income will get help from a special education attorney in our office without cost.
  • We provide workshops in Spanish for parents and providers so that you can learn how to use the special educational laws. This can help to make sure that your child gets the services he or she needs

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MAC is  a private non-profit organization. We are a voice for children who face barriers to equal educational and life opportunities Since 1969 we have worked in two ways:

  1. Teaching parents about the laws and advocating with school districts; and
  2. Speaking up for changes to laws that help children with autism and other disabilities.

How can special education laws help you and your child Special education laws understand that, as parents, you know a lot about your children’s needs. The laws also make sure children with disabilities get the services they need in school.

These laws can help you to be part of the special education process by:

  • Telling you what you can do if you disagree with services that the school offers your child;
  • Making school districts translate anything they send you in writing into the language that you speak at home; and
  • Making school districts give you an interpreter at school meetings if you need one.

The laws can also help your child to:

  • Get needed special education services based on the unique way that your child learns;
  • Be evaluated by experts to understand what your child needs to make good progress in school;
  • Be included in a classroom with non-disabled children; and
  • Get services (beginning at age 14) that will help your child get a job or go to college.

Proyecto Acceso is supported by the generosity of:

Einer and Julia Elhauge
The J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation
The Cummings Foundation