Task Force Report on Boston Special Education Transition

Young people with disabilities, like all youth, have dreams, interests and talents that can take them on a pathway to a successful and fulfilling adulthood. But the very low rates of employment for people with disabilities speaks to the many barriers they will face on that journey. With the right supports from family, schools, employers and […]

Task Force Report on Higher Education for Students with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder

The legislative Task Force on Higher Education for Students with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder released its final report, under the leadership of Rep. Tom Sannicandro, House Chair of the Joint Committee on Higher Education. MAC was instrumental in the development of the report. Task Force members included Julia Landau, MAC Senior Project Director, and […]

Helping Traumatized Children Learn (Volume II)

Helping Traumatized Children Learn (Volume II): Creating and Advocating for Trauma-Sensitive Schools, safe, supportive learning environments that benefit all children offers a Guide to a process for creating trauma-sensitive schools and a policy agenda to provide the support schools need to achieve this goal. Grounded in theory and practice in schools and with families, the Guide is […]

Massachusetts Autism Commission Report

On Wednesday March 28, the Massachusetts Autism Commission Report was released in a ceremony in the Gardner Auditorium at the State House. A culmination of more than two years of work, the Autism Commission was comprised of members of the legislature, state agency heads, educators, autism experts, advocates and parents. The Massachusetts Autism Commission Report […]

School Success for Haitian Children with Autism

School Success for Haitian Children with Autism is a manual that describes the autism center’s outreach, training and advocacy strategies to help ensure that underserved families of Haitian descent obtain services that are essential to their child’s development and treatment. Please provide your name and email address to download the manual:      

Transforming the Boston Public Schools

If we are going to achieve real change in our schools then we must begin to change our own behavior. We must recognize that the schools reflect the values and behavior that we exhibit in our communities and the way we relate to each other on the basis of race, class, sexual orienta- tion, religion, […]

Helping Traumatized Children Learn

Published in 2005, TLPI’s landmark report, Helping Traumatized Children Learn, summarizes the research from psychology and neurobiology that documents the impact trauma from exposure to violence can have on children’s learning, behavior and relationships in school. The report also introduces the Flexible Framework, a tool organized according to six core operational functions of schools that […]

The Way We Go to School

MAC’s seminal investigative report, written in 1969, The Way We Go to School: Children Excluded in Boston profoundly changed the landscape of education in Massachusetts, and ultimately the nation. The Task Force report revealed that ten thousand or more children were either being systematically excluded from Boston’s public education system or warehoused in classrooms or schools that […]