Janine Solomon, Esq.
Managing Attorney

Janine is a managing attorney at Massachusetts Advocates for Children and the director of the Children’s Law Support Project.

Janine is a graduate of Boston College Law School, and also holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University. Prior to joining MAC, Janine was Of Counsel at the Boston law firm of Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP (KCS), where she practiced in the area of Special Education & Disability Rights. She represented students with disabilities and their parents to advocate for appropriate special education services and placements. Janine represented and advised parents in all aspects of special education, including at education Team meetings, mediations, administrative hearings before the Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA), and federal court proceedings in matters involving violations of federal and state special education law.

Janine has trained extensively on a wide range of special education issues. She has also testified on proposed amendments to M.G.L. Chapter 71B to enhance protections for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, to improve opportunities for parents and independent evaluators to observe students’ special education programs, to lower the eligibility age for transition services, and to promote the successful transition of students with disabilities to post-secondary education, employment and independent living.

Prior to joining KCS in 2013, Janine worked for eighteen years in Boston at the Disability Law Center (DLC) on matters involving special education and discrimination against persons with disabilities. She began at DLC in 1995 with a primary focus on general discrimination law, and starting in 2002, she concentrated her practice exclusively in special education law. During her tenure at DLC, she represented children in special education cases and represented adults with disabilities in court and administrative proceedings to obtain necessary reasonable accommodations in employment, housing, and public access cases. In 2008, she was lead counsel in the BSEA case In Re: Dracut Public Schools. It ultimately resulted in a groundbreaking federal court decision that defined the scope of transition services under the IDEA.