Julia K. Landau, Esq.
Senior Project Director

Julia Landau is a Senior Program Director at Massachusetts Advocates for Children, and is the director of MAC’s Autism Special Education Legal Support Center. Ms. Landau, a specialist in special education law, has represented parents of children with disabilities for approximately 30 years. She has served as a public policy advocate in many major legislative campaigns, including laws addressing the overhaul of the state special education law, participation of students with disabilities in the state high stakes graduation tests, and the establishment of rights and services for children on the autism spectrum. Ms. Landau has developed special education law training curricula and provided workshops for parents and professionals throughout the Commonwealth.

Before joining MAC in 1984, Ms. Landau worked as an advocate at the Greater Boston ARC; the Disability Law Center in Boston; and the Disability Rights Education Defense Fund, the law center associated with the nation’s first independent living center in Berkeley, where she developed models of special education advocacy based on joint leadership of adults with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities.