TLPI video is being shared around the world: Take a moment to see inside a trauma-sensitive school!

The Trauma & Learning Policy Initiative (TLPI), a collaboration between MAC and Harvard Law School, has produced a video titled, “Why We Need Trauma-Sensitive Schools,” that provides a glimpse into one Massachusetts school’s journey to transform its culture into a trauma-sensitive learning environment where all students can learn and succeed.  The video has been viewed and shared across the globe as an introduction to the groundbreaking, research-based process TLPI has developed for creating trauma-sensitive schools, and it is accompanied by a video discussion guide for educators.

The video features the Baker Elementary School in Brockton, MA, one of several schools in Brockton that are becoming trauma-sensitive through a concerted, well supported district-wide effort.  The video highlights the importance of leadership—superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, and educators—in creating the understanding and infrastructure that can support the teamwork among staff needed for all children to be successful.  As one school staff member explains, “Every child belongs to everyone and when kids feel that, the kids and teachers are happy.”

We invite our readers to view the video to learn more about TLPI’s innovative work on trauma-sensitive schools and to share the link widely to help expand awareness.  Educators, policy-makers, and advocates are also invited to visit TLPI’s website at, which provides a central place for educators, schools, and districts from around the world to connect to resources, read recent articles, and join TLPI’s advocacy coalition and its online learning community.

The Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative’s (TLPI) mission is to ensure that all children, including those traumatized by exposure to adverse childhood experiences, succeed in school.  To accomplish this mission, TLPI employs MAC’s model of systemic change, which involves continuous listening to the voices of families and educators and engaging in a host of advocacy strategies including: providing support to schools to become trauma sensitive environments; research and report writing; legislative and administrative advocacy for laws, regulations and policies that support schools to develop trauma-sensitive environments; coalition building; outreach and education; and limited individual case representation in special education where a child’s traumatic experiences are interfacing with his or her disabilities.

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