Through the eyes of a child.

Massachusetts Advocates for Children’s mission is to remove barriers to educational and life opportunities for children and youth.

We do so by advocating for and partnering with students and families; transforming school cultures to be inclusive, safe and supportive; and creating systemic change so all children and youth can learn, reach their potential, and thrive.

Our advocacy is focused on children and youth who face significant barriers, inequities, and/or discrimination because of their economic status, disability, race, ethnicity/culture, immigration status, English Learner status, and/or traumatic life experiences.

MAC began in 1969 as the Task Force on Children out of School, dramatically exposing the systematic exclusion of children from the Boston Public Schools. During its fifty-year history, MAC has been at the forefront of statewide advocacy efforts to protect and expand the rights of children in education reform, special education, and other critical areas, such as mental health, nutrition, lead poisoning prevention, and juvenile justice.  MAC’s constituency has always been those children who face the greatest barriers to educational success due to poverty or discrimination based on disability, race, ethnicity, or language.

Today, MAC continues its strong and effective advocacy for children and families. MAC is an integral part of a statewide network of civil legal aid organizations and a web of child advocacy organizations. MAC is a leader in statewide special education advocacy, the autism community, and education reform in the Boston Public School system. MAC has pioneered an innovative approach to education reform through its groundbreaking policy analysis and advocacy to help traumatized children learn.