MAC’s Autism Center provides training to parents statewide regarding services and programs necessary for children on the spectrum to reach their potential and the legal right to obtain these services. With an emphasis on the requirement that children with ASD receive educational opportunities which reflect competency and potential, MAC’s workshop addresses current trends, legal standards, discussion of court cases, and special education service options for children with ASD.

The Autism Center also offers trainings for medical professionals and educators (e.g., neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, physicians, teachers) who conduct evaluations of children with ASD on legal requirements and effective strategies to secure the full range of educational services necessary for children with autism to reach their potential and demonstrate competence.

To schedule a training, please contact Johanne Pino (617) 357-8431 ext. 3234  jpino@massadvocates.org.

In a few cases, we have broadcasted these trainings as webinars and made them available online.

Current Trainings

Autism Omnibus Law Training

Transition Training

Training for Professionals

Bullying Training

Autism Parent Training