We deal in passion.

Our staff is committed to changing outcomes for students across the Commonwealth. Many of our staff have worked at MAC for 20 years or more. For information about our staff, please view our individual biographies. For questions about your child, please contact us via our Helpline.

Jerry Mogul | Executive Director
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3231
E: jmogul@massadvocates.org

Lisa E. Brown | Project Director
Racial Equity and Access Project (REAP)
P: (617) 357-8431, ext. 3227
E: lbrown@massadvocates.org

Susan F. Cole, Esq. | Senior Project Director
Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative
P: (617) 998-0107
E: scole@law.harvard.edu

Marissa del Rosario | Project Coordinator
P: (617) 998-0109
E: mdelrosario@massadvocates.org

Anne Eisner | Deputy Director
Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative
P: (617) 998-0110
E: aeisner@massadvocates.org

Christina (Tina) Fitanides, Esq. | Policy Analyst
Autism Center
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3244
E: tfitanides@massadvocates.org

Michael Gregory, Esq. | Senior Attorney
Harvard Law School*
Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative
P: (617) 998-0108
E: mgregory@law.harvard.edu

Liza Hirsch, Esq. | Senior Attorney
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3225
E: lhirsch@massadvocates.org

Leslie Hughes | Public Information Specialist & Young Adult Leaders Fellowship Supervisor
Autism Center
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3223
E: lhughes@massadvocates.org

Julia K. Landau, Esq. | Senior Project Director
Disability Education Justice Initiative
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3222
E: jlandau@massadvocates.org

Leslie Lockhart | Helpline Coordinator
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3226
E: llockhart@massadvocates.org

Pam McGrail | Office Manager
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3229

Lilia Melikechi | Communications Manager
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3232
E: lmelikechi@massadvocates.org

Stephanie Molina, Esq. | Staff Attorney/Bart J. Gordon Fellow
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3221
E: smolina@massadvocates.org

Bettina Neuefeind, Esq.
 | Staff Attorney
Harvard Law School*
Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative
P: (617) 496-9369
E: bneuefeind@law.harvard.edu

Johanne Pino
| Project Coordinator
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3234
E: jpino@massadvocates.org

Diana Santiago, Esq.
| Senior Attorney
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3238

Janine Solomon, Esq.
 | Managing Attorney/Senior Project Director
Children’s Law Support Project
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3223

Marc Trudel
| Young Adult Leader Fellow
P: (617) 357-8431

Alice Wolf
 | Senior Advisor
P: (617) 357-8431 ext. 3232

*Employed by Harvard Law School as TLPI staff in a joint project with MAC 

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